Established 1993

Chic Photography provides the perfect combination of experience and contemporary photography style. Our coverage of
your wedding will be a blend of breathtaking traditional poses and artistic photojournalistic style. We create the most
passionate and glamorous photographs that will tell the story of your beautiful wedding day. We do not interrupt the
natural magic of your special day, but will help perfect it if the need arises. By prompting and directing from a distance,
our photographers are able to have all poses appear as natural as possible, while creating fashionable photographs that
will be cherished always.

Introduction to Weddings
Thank you for considering Chic Photography Studio for such a special occasion. We at Chic Photography understand the importance of your wedding and we want you to remember it with photographs that can be treasured forever. Annually, we shoot over one hundred weddings for couples from all across the globe. The studio provides wedding photography service to most of Virgin Islands’ Villas, major hotels and other private wedding companies. In order to receive your wedding date, you are encouraged to book your wedding six to eight months in advance.

Wedding Pricing
We understand that every wedding couple has budgetary concerns; however, this should not be the sole basis for this decision on a gift that lasts a lifetime. Wedding photography is not a generic product. Given our photographers’ knowledge and talent, we are competitively priced and our packages are designed to suit your needs.

Selecting your wedding photographer
In selecting a photographer, the quantity of images in a package doesn’t always equal quality of images that is provided. Some photographers will guarantee a certain number of shots that are professionally crafted, while others promise 2000 or more photos of which none may suit the individual liking. Be careful in your selection, as often it is a question of quality versus quantity! Which of these do you prefer for your wedding day?

Traditional or Photojournalism Photography
A professional wedding photographer should be able to photograph both styles of photography. Photojournalism photography is not a new style of photography. Our studio has been photographing this style for years by a more common name the candid photo. Two of the most important skills a photographer should have are the knowledge of lighting techniques and image composition. These two remain constant to what was initially taught.
Since your photographer is an important part of your wedding, one should begin to search as early as possible. Quality photographers are booked months in advance.
Below are some criteria to consider before making a final decision:
Trained eye: Make sure your photographer understands lighting and composition, and pays attention to detail.

Questions to be asked…
1. What kind of educational background/experience have you had in developing your photographic technique? Have you earned recognition for your photography?
2. How many weddings have you photographed? How many do you photograph each year?
3. Do you use professional equipment?
4. Who from your studio will photograph my wedding? Can I see samples of your work? Can I see photos from some of the weddings that you have photographed?
5. What will it cost to photograph my wedding? How many images will I have from which to select?
6. Can the photography be customized to my specific needs?
7. How long will it take to see our wedding images? How long will it take to complete the finished album?

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